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Strong & Steady CrossFit has easily accessible locations in both Oxnard and Carpinteria.


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Strong & Steady trainers care. About your fitness, your diet, and how hard to push you.


If you haven’t been exercising for some time and need a slow start, we’ve got that. If you’re looking for the toughest CrossFit programming around, we’ve got that, too. We’re committed to being something for everyone.

Kevin Dotts

Head Trainer, Carpinteria

Strong and Steady CrossFit Carpinteria

Carpinteria is where it all started for Strong and Steady CrossFit. This is where we figured out the kind of CrossFit box we wanted to be: one that challenges, encourages, and that puts your health above all else. This is the kind of place where you can get the toughest workouts of your life, while simultaneously being a place to recuperate from past injuries, or start exercising for the first time.

Above all, Strong and Steady CrossFit Carpinteria is a fun place to engage in your health and fitness.

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Strong and Steady CrossFit Oxnard

The Strong and Steady CrossFit Oxnard location is growing fast. Maybe it’s because we care about every single person’s fitness potential. Maybe it’s because we take a certain pride in turning those people who doubted their strength into being stronger than ever. Whatever the case may be, have an easy to access Oxnard CrossFit location, great equipment, and dedicated trainers that genuinely care about your fitness.

Strong and Steady CrossFit Oxnard will make you feel better about you, every day.

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There’s nothing scary about CrossFit, it’s a great workout for everyone because we scale it to your capacity. Our WODs challenge, and I guarantee you’ll feel pushed to get better every class.

Jeremy Salgado

Head Trainer, Oxnard

We thought up burn for those people getting started, or those who just aren’t comfortable with lifting a lot of weight. These classes are still tough, for both men and women, and are longer lasting than your average CrossFit class. If you’re looking for more cardio, this is a great place to start.


Leah Harding

Lead Burn Trainer

Ready to Burn?

Burn is a “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement” class without the heavy lifting (intense cardio).  Burn classes will be based on CrossFit Methodology but will differ from our regular CrossFit classes.  These classes will incorporate stations, intervals, and “on the minute” workouts.


  • Burn WODs will primarily consist of body weight movements, light barbell, dumbbell, kettle bell and medicine ball movements in conjunction with high intensity cardio.
  • Workouts will be full body training focusing on various fitness characteristics such as endurance, core strength, stamina, and speed.
  • Classes are for an hour: 15-30 minutes of warm-up/movement review/mobility/stretching; then 30-45 minutes of a high intensity workout.
  • Each class will have at least one Level 1 CrossFit Trainer (ratios will be no more than 12:1)
  • You do not have to complete our CrossFit On Ramp class to start Burn.

Burn Schedule (Oxnard and Carpinteria)


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